A portrait of the photographer, Luca Marinelli.

Hello, I am Luca Marinelli

I have spent half of my life working as a photojournalist. One day I realized that I could no longer see bad things.
Since that day I have chosen to work as a wedding photographer and taking pictures about love, was something I have never regret it.
My path in photography is to capture moments, to preserve memory. There are special days and moments in the life of all of us.
The union of two human beings in the complicity of marriage is a unique event and I am very happy to witness it through my work.

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I come from the world of reportage, I have traveled a lot and the condition to work at my best was to make myself almost invisible to capture unexpected moments. In wedding photography I think there is a bit of everything, portrait photos, almost fashion at times, reportage when needed, still life, and a lot of empathy with the spouses and all the guests. The conversation with the couple before the wedding is very important to understand which direction to take to satisfy them in the best possible way.