Luca Marinelli portrait in black and white.
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My name is Luca Marinelli

I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I live most of my time in Italy and Rome is my home.
I speak Italian, of course, English and Spanish. I love to photograph and to be among people, I am a calm and thoughtful person, I am pleased to help couples feel at ease. I listen to your requests, because this is your magical day. You are king and queen to me ... or two kings ... or two queens ...
I hope to meet you soon here in Italy or around the world and have a wonderful day together. Thank you.

The bride and bridesmaids are kneeling on the bed posing for a portrait.
The bride and bridesmaids are kneeling on the bed posing for a portrait, and now they are laughing heartily..
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Love Notes From My Clients

Giorgia & Paolo

A beautiful bride portrayed

Luca and Paolo were simply splendid, in addition to wonderful photos, above all they made us feel at ease, even during the holy mass they were discreet, without disturbing, but still doing their job.They took wonderful photos, despite the location that we had chosen was not the best. Thank you very much!

The wedding day is the big day, where being yourself means making the most beautiful and profound part shine. Be natural yourself, do the things that make you happy, laugh a lot, kiss slowly and hug tightly!

I'll be there to capture it all and help you save these beautiful memories for a lifetime.